turn negatives in positives& frowns upside down

I’m sure we all know what a bad day feels like. everything goes wrong- lost job, family issues, relationship rocky. It’s the worst domino effect ever! Makes you wonder if shit is worth it. Grinding for the dream, makes life a headache- but if it was meant to be easy, everyone would be walking around here feeling complete, not understanding what it’s like to put in work, to receive a greater reward.
I say that to say, after the shitty week i had- i found out that when one door closes, bigger ones open. A better paying job, where the earning potential is endless, and a career opportunity that will work towards building my brand. So taking the mature stance and actually applying what i learned from my mistakes- had a great payout. Instead of moping around like majority of people, looking for pity- I got on my grind and made something happen. I recognized my faults, made moves to correct it- and found something better in process.
It is times like this, that I have to take a step back and have faith. Most of us are guilty of turning to god when things go wrong. That’s when we want to sit, pray, and ask for something. (for those who believe) We have to do better! Stop and thank him for the ability to walk, we may not have it all but we have what we need to create a better situation. Sometimes he will take things from you, just to see your reaction- and if you apply what you learn; he replaces it with something better.