Advice From Little Brother

It’s amazing what lessons we can learn when we step outside of our ways, and take the time to listen. Many people feel that just because they are older, that someone younger is not able to give them advice. Well, unlike many- I realized that my little brother is not a boy anymore. He’s a man, and based off his life experiences- he can reach me in ways that my girlfriends can’t. In a nutshell we are both going through relationship transitions. His relationship, where it was his first experience at love- just ended. As he is going through the motions- he sees where it was for the better. Mine- I think is over as well- which is hard because when your with someone for 5 years and regardless of the bs- still willing to work it out- there comes a time when you have to step up and realize that disrespect (direct/indirect) is not acceptable. Trust plays a major factor, but I always feel like that can be rebuilt- that’s just who I am as a person. My reality check is when you ride till the wheels fall off- but when there comes a time when you are down, and you look for your partner to be there, as you were..- and they don’t surface… (especially when you have a history of having abandonment issues) Then its time to stand on your own two feet, but as a result- you end up trusting NO ONE.

So last week there was a moment where my brother and I were confiding in each other. As I was venting to him about my feelings and how im looking like wtf now?? He told me, ” Cam, don’t worry about any nigga right now. Just worry about you, getting your career started, and focus on you. Be that woman that men are intimidated by. Put your all into yourself” After he said that, I went silent. Here is my little brother seeing me, better than I can imagine me. Since that conversation, I’ve been as strong as I ever been. I have my mind on my future all the time, and work towards that. Love hurts, Break-ups suck, the emotions are a bitch to deal with- but those words that my brother said- keep me going.

Just remember Beauties- just because someone is younger than you, or comes from a different cloth; doesnt mean they don’t know what they’re talking about. Sometimes you just need to Shut up and Listen


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