Friendships vs. Relationships: A terrible game of tug-of-war, or a jealous rant?

Due to recent events, I was inspired to write this blog. Whether you know from personal experience or heard stories from friends; we are all aware of the strain relationships and friendships can cause when mixed in the same jar. Wisdom teaches us how to handle these situations, due to experience. There are many types of conflicts that can arise from this terrible mix, depending on who’s the culprit. .

So here’s the scenario in a nut shell: boy meets girl. girl and boy get together. girl meets his friends. He meets her friends. boy plays his role… & truth eventually is pushed out.

I know that was very vague, but i needed to make that as simple as possible- to discuss my point. First I believe people already know if they have ill intentions, once they’ve heard about you. Either they are going to genuinely get to know you, and decide whether they like you or not, OR they are going to realize the role you play in that persons life, realize they can’t fill those shoes, and then attempt to sabotage it when they see a window of opportunity. It’s said that you never know who is next to you, until they are in the wrong and it’s brought to light.- either they own it-where drama is nonexistent. or they go on a rant blaming everyone else, and bringing others down just to build themselves up. The battle get more intense, when loyalty comes into play.

so how do the parties involved handle this situation? Well that all depends on the circumstance. In this case- you have to be a good judge of character and consider everything up until that point. If you know someone to have been real with you since day one-good, bad, or indifferent- trust them. Thus far, loyalty has been proven, intentions never questioned. For the guy that’s angry- calm down no one is perfect. But at the same time- stay focused on why you’re pissed. write it down if you have to, and read it out loud. If it sounds as stupid as your actions- drop it! temper tantrums, and talking bad about someone will never change the fact that you were wrong. So someone else’s negativity or misfortunes may sound appealing to you because you can’t handle being wrong- but at the end of the day, someone else’s circumstance will never change your actions. For the friend- stay loyal. At the end of the day, you know the friendship that has been established, and the foundation has already been established. Don’t feed into the bullshit, even if negativity is spoken on your name,attempting to tarnish other’s vision of you- because loyalty will out-weigh all of that.

that’s all for now beauties.


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