Ignorance Makes Headlines, While Real Concerns Are Pushed Aside.

Im sure we are all aware of the Ray Rice incident, that has been a trending topic all throughout social media, newspapers, and news channels. This unfortunate event that occurred back n February- is just now being brought to the surface. Now in no way, shape, or form am I undermining domestic violence- I DO NOT condone it in anyway! It’s just frustrating me that the domestic violence isn’t the issue that’s getting so much attention. It is the fact that the NFL didn’t react sooner, or his punishment is too harsh, or the fact that his termination is no way to help his wife-everyone has seem to put real issues behind them- and glorifying negativity.


So did we all just forget about Michael Brown? Or what about the two journalist that were recently beheaded, or the fact that with this ISIS group-it looks like we are about to have another World War?! As soon as this nonsense hit the media, all other issues have been swept under the rug. All of this attention he is getting is not helping or teaching him a lesson. He’s used to the attention- and the media is giving him exactly what he wants. His goal is to stay relevant. Many will argue and say they are trying to “bring justice to his wife and show that she has supporters”- that’s BS. Let’s be honest, if she wanted to get away-this would be the perfect time. All the media has Rice under a close watch, they are all over the headlines; so this wouldn’t be the time for him to lash out on her- yet she’s by his side. She has been a victim of domestic violence, however after their counseling sessions, she not only decided to stay, but she allowed herself to exchange vows with him, becoming his wife. We only know the information released to us, not the full story; so most of what we read or hear is speculation based off the information provided.

Yes! The video that was released was horrifying! It’s hard to watch, and I know it has to be hard for Janay to watch, and hear about. Because you have to think, she’s not just hearing it from the media, she is probably going through hell with her family. For someone who has experienced domestic violence, I know when it took place, if she told her family- she told them the bare minimum and more than likely didn’t include the part where things got physical. She’s under scrutiny from everyone, but if she decided to forgive him and move forward – then the world must do the same.

Again there are many things that we as a nation have to put our energy towards. When Mrs. Rice is ready to change her current situation, she will. The world, media, or society cannot make that decision for her. How about there’s a new witness in the Michael Brown case. There are construction workers who were working the day Brown was killed, and witnessed the incident. A father in South Carolina is being held and charged for the deaths of 5 children. These are all issues that need to be discussed, yet silence remains. We need to give attention to these issues and the families for the victims.


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