Gone Too Soon-Simone Battle; A Star on the Rise


Most known for showcasing her talents on X-Factor (2011), regretably at 25, the you star has passed away. According to reports, at 8:30am police found her hanging on a rod in her closet. Many are assuming suicide, however with the autospy reports pending- no offical cause of death has been given.
It’s just sad to see another member of our youth go. It seems like our generation is dropping like flies. Regardless of the cause, we shouldn’t have to look around and wonder if the people we went to high school with are going to be here in 10 years. After Simone’s success with the X-Factor, she was named a member of GRL- which is a group created by Robin Antin; creator or the Pussycat Dolls. Simone is described by many as a charasmatic woman who was just as beautiful inside as is was on the out. My condolences go out to the Battle family. The world has lost and angel.

Rest is Paradise Beautiful


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