Atlanta Hawks Being sold, due to racist owner.

After hearing the tape that was leaked for the entire world, Donald Sterling was forced to sell his team. When things started to spiral with the media, many of his colleagues- they openly voiced their opinion. Saying how they couldn’t work with a person who has that mindset. One of the major voices of that scandal was, Bruce Levenson- owner of the Atlanta Hawks. Apparently him and Sterling were partners, and in an interview he stated “I can’t be partners with someone who shares those views.” Like i say all the time , “he was throwing stones, living in a glass house” But Karma(the evil bitch she is)came back around. However I really want to call it stupidity- this fool sent an email saying in detail how he felt about Africa Americans. In a nut shell hes says how black people are scaring off the white fans; which are more valuable. Which I don’t understand, because if the statistics he gave in his email are true, then how would “white people” be more valuable. He said blacks make up 70% of the audience, and 90% of the bars at the stadium…so if were judging business off of race now, then where’s the value? Levenson really put his foot in his mouth in this email. I’m just confused on how the email was sent in 2012- yet we are just seeing this come to light. I guess he learned from the Sterling scandal to walk away quietly. He is selling the team, instead of being voted out.
It’s really making me sick how we still have this racial divide. Whites blaming black and vise versa. It’s just like seriously? As a country we are going through hell, and a nation we are experiencing chaos, and as individuals we are trying to survive. Other nations refer to us as the weakest country- however everyone wants to sit back and wonder why. If we can’t stand together now- is it ever going to happen?

Check out the video from CNN, for details as to what happened.I was not able to get the link to show you guys the email-but it’s available on CNN website.


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