Tribute to the Ladies: August Alsina

Okay I already know how just about every woman’s eyes will light up just seeing this man’s name, August Alsina. LOL Now when I first heard his music, I was like “okay, he does have talent” – but I never bothered to really LISTEN to his music.- I was just hearing it. Thanks to my friend Nicole, I had the opportunity to listen to his entire CD. And I have to say, this young man is a winner! One song in particular that is giving me life, is “You Deserve”. One because its a man, not being selfish. So many of us are with guy or girl (whatever the Preference) who we know isn’t right for us. But because we love so hard- we overlook the bullshit. mistreatment and everything else that comes to us. However, women (more so) are so emotional, and don’t have the willpower to just up and leave. Alsina, is speaking for a niggas who know they are no good, and know they don’t deserve a good woman with their shitty ways. However I believe this song is also for women, to wake the hell up! If we don’t recognize our worth who will? We can’t settle to be a sideline, a mistress, or friends with benefits. We will move mountains, just to see someone else smile-yet who is doing that for us? All I’m saying is WE DESERVE BETTER! But we have to treat ourself that way, or no one will.


just want to give special thanks to August Alsina for allowing his beautiful voice to sing such powerful words. If you haven’t already you need to get his album Testimony!!



love is a losing game

When we enter this world, we are taught how to love through affection. Hugs and kisses from parents, even bigger ones from grandparents, as we get older our view of love changes. We associate love with words and affections- and as we mature we realize that love can make you feel on top of the world,and also make your heart break. With family- sometimes love is taken for granted. Love is used as a form of manipulation. In relationships, love is an emotional roller-coaster. The hardest thing to do with love, when a relationship is concerned-is forgiveness. When you love someone its easy to tell them you for give them, however now love has become tarnished, tainted, and bruised. Its hard for love to trust when its been hurt. It’s hard for love to prove itself, after it has done wrong. Love is a losing game, because whether it’s hurt or committed the hurting, no one wins. Love is like an obstacle course, its tough at times, and can push you to your limits- but its supposed to be strong.

ISO me

we all think we know what we want out of life, and where we want to be. Yet when someone asks the question, “who are you?” how do you answer? Most people respond with there name. Others tell people what they want to hear- but how many of us can truly answer that question with confidence? Most people who struggle with this question, live through others. But what happens when the person you’re living for, turns away and decides to walk? What do you do? How do you find yourself?
Theses are questions I struggle with on a daily basis (lately). I gave away all of me that I left nothing for myself. I planned every second, including it- yet now i feel empty because another path (excluding myself) was chosen. Its hard to be happy when you feel like you keep losing. Its hard to live when you only know life a certain way- and when that has been altered, it leave you confused, lost, abandoned,and crushed. I wish I had all the answers-but it wouldn’t be life if i did. I have to believe that there’s a reason for this. I feel like when you’re stripped of everything, its god way of telling you to look to him for a resolution. Because regardless of the circumstance- he’ll never walk away.