Our Destiny

We are all Destined to be great in our own way. Some never find out what their destiny is because they don’t use their mistakes as learning lessons. Instead, they allow their environment to influence them and try to please everyone else- killing their spirit. Now I don’t know how many of you are religious, or believe in god-however He is who I believe in. Recently I watched a TD Jakes sermon, and he was talking about our Destiny and God’s plan for our life. He also stated that a set-back is a blessing. So many of us, get scared of struggle and are so quick to look to others for help, and wonder why eventually we run into the same issues. And my belief is that, that means God is trying to tell us to look to him for the solution.
I have come into many hardships in my life. And as I am maturing, I realize that I need to turn to God and nothing else. I think as humans we all want a quick solution, however quick fixes just make the issues worse. It may seem like things are fixed, yet when shit hits the fan again- it’s 10 times worse than where we started off. When we turn to him, he transforms us from the inside out. Working on our spirits and souls.


love is a losing game

When we enter this world, we are taught how to love through affection. Hugs and kisses from parents, even bigger ones from grandparents, as we get older or view of love changes. We associate love with words and affections- and as we mature we realize that love can make you feel on top of the world,and also make your heart break. With family- sometimes love is taken for granted. Love is used as a form of manipulation. In relationships, love is an emotional roller-coaster. The hardest thing to do with love, when a relationship is concerned-is forgiveness. When you love someone its easy to tell them you for give them, however now love has become tarnished, tainted, and bruised. Its hard for love to trust when its been hurt. It’s hard for love to prove itself, after it has done wrong. Love is a losing game, because whether it’s hurt or done the hurting, no one wins. Love is like an obstacle course, its tough at times, and can push you to your limits- but its supposed to be strong.

Day 2 of Daily Burn

Hey Beauties!
Okay so in addition to my smoothies, I recently just started Daily Burn. I know you all have seen the commercials for the Free trial! OMG its totally worth it. You tell them how much weight you want to lose, and they create a workout and meal plan that will get you to your goal. Its pretty neat. I haven’t bought the groceries for my meal plan yet, but there are a lot of veggies on the list! I’m actually considering going vegetarian for awhile. I do well with strict diets. It’s a mind thing. I have to tell myself that I cannot have it, for me to develop control. weird I know.
Well I’m going to keep everyone posted with my journey, its not an easy one, but its worth it. I see working out keeps my stress level down, so i need to make it a daily habit.
P.S I joined the blogging 201 which starts Monday! I’m pretty excited, and encourage ll to join. Anything that contributes to me being a better writer-I’m all in. Well I hope everyone had a great day, and feels beautiful.

Breakfast Smoothie

Hey Beauties,
OMG i feel so bad because I should have done this blog right after I had this Greek breakfast smoothie. Let me tell you i see a big difference with using Greek yogurt. it smooths everything out. So This morning-prior to breakfast, I did some research on zucchini. Well it contains magnesium and fiber which is good for the bones and muscles-but eating it with the skin on is a way to get the extra vitamins. So the Brighter Day Smoothie consist of:
handful of red grapes (you can use any type, i just had these in the fridge)
1/3 raw zucchini
4 spoonfuls of greek yogurt
handful of peaches
handful of mango
blend until smooth.
This was so delicious. It was smooth and taste great, and gave me the energy I needed to start my day. As I said before I will continue to post blogs on using the NINJA and see how this goes. again thanks to @NinjaKithcen for the support on twitter. I hope everyone had a great day!

Perfect Smoothie!

Hey Beauties!
Okay its been a while since I’ve posted something& I’m sorry. Well I’m still getting adjusted to TX and its okay just been looking for a job..ughh and sometimes that is miserable due to this heat! But it’s been successful,think I got the job I wanted, and I’m looking for a second one so say your prayers!

Okay so remember a while back when I was so excited about my NINJA Pulse Sysytem? Well I stopped using it for awhile, however I’m back at it! & this morning, my smoothies was soo perfect and creamy. I mean, amazing! OMG i totally need to start taking pics and videos so you guys can see that. give me some time and that will happen.

Okay so this morning I tried something different with the smoothies, instead of using regular yogurt I used Greek Yogurt! OMG what a difference. Is so creamy smooth, and delicious. I’m totally not traditional when it comes to measuring, plus some people don’t have all the measuring tools ,but here’s the recipe for Greek Meach

4 spoonfuls of greek yougurt
1 handful of frozen peaches
1 handful of frozen mangos
a two second pour of grapefruit juice.

pulse until it is smooth and creamy to your liking. if after blend its too thick, just add a little water and mix it-it will not kill the taste, just thin it out a little. I made this in the self-serve cup. And also try adding a little kale to this. Its not gritty like you think it would be. Leave questions and comments. I will continue posting more recipes as I experiment with my NINJA
go follow @NinjaKitchen on twitter.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day and feels great about themselves.


Hey Beauties!

ok so I’m human so I do get pissed and react instantly, however I have decided instead of complaining of the nonsense that I run into- find a solution instead! As I expressed I was upset on the night of the BET Awards because the magazine that I contribute articles too-had exposure via the BET awards. I was upset because that’s all I could ever dream of. And I don’t want to be stuck behind the computer screen, just typing away. I want to be in the middle of all the excitement. I’m sure people will have something smart to say- but regardless that what people are going to do anyway right?

Anyway I say that to say, fuck who has something smart to say- keep moving forward and make your dreams happen. People critisize what they wish they had, so greet envy with a smile and a “fuck u”

hope everyone is having a great day, and even it it started off rocky- know u have a lot more to smile about.