I hope everyone is having a great week! Well what’s new with me??. . . I moved to Texas! OMG this state is freaking huge! and I didnt realize how close to Mexico I am. For those of you that read the last blog, I had to move to start a new beginning, what killed me the most is not having my love by my side. . yet. We are both working to save money, to make sure we have our own. I know love and relationships are all about sacrifice, but DAMMIT! He’s the air I breathe, and I feel so incomplete without him. But its only temporary. 

&many of you may have your own opinion about long distance relationships, and that’s fine because opinions are formed through experience. So I can understand, but when you have a great foundation-many stones will be thrown-but it will never be broken.





  1. TheCatssMeoww · June 5, 2014

    Is your man still going to visit you in Texas? I mean he might not be able to move there anytime soon but he can always visit his love.

  2. itzcambam · June 5, 2014

    @theCatssMeoww yea well plan is to have him moved here in a few months. but in the meantime we talk all the time& video chat. in regards to the progress I will keep everyone posted . 🙂 I appreciate you being supportive

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