Celebrity Bullying

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Okay so I am, like most; a Rhianna fan. However I must admit that some of her recent actions are upsetting. One of the incidents I found unecessary was the whole thing on twitter, concerning one of her fans rocking a bat suit.Poor girl went to her prom, inspired by Rhianna’s outfit and decided to rock a black one to her prom, and granted she already received backlash from it from her peers, but for RiRi to make a mockery of her? Really though?? I mean wtf. and anyone who is Rhianna’s close friend, should definitely correct her on that shit. Constantly we hear stories about people being bullied and endangering themselves, so for a celebrity to make that shit okay- i have a problem with. It’s not like RiRi doesn’t know who she is, she had no problem telling Teyana Taylor her net worth when Taylor tried to make a stab at her via twitter. here’s a clip of what she posted of the young girl

Image  So you all can be the judge of this nonsense. I just feel like with as busy as someone like her is, where do you find the time to be bully? She could have told the girl she was flattered and kept it moving. Shit like this i just have no tolerance for because Rihanna used to be a regular girl too. anyway I’m so over talking about it.  

I hope everyone is feeling great, and don’t allow the ignorance of others interfere with your self esteem 🙂



Moving Forward (repost)

Hey Beauties!

Looks like I can focus on my blog full-time now! feel like here I can express my interest, my randomness, and my personality more. So this is a commitment I want to keep and continue to grow. I’m thinking about doing a YouTube channel but I’m not sure yet..but time will tell, one thing at a time for now…


Ok so today my little cousin shows me some video of Tiffany Foxx feat. Lil Kim “Twisted”& SMH WTF  is what i have to say about that. I don’t know if this is new or old but it is rather ridiculous! From the info my cousin tells me this Tiffany is supposed to be Lil Kim’s protege’ ..Idk but the only reason I’m leaving this link is so you can see wtf I seen. Look at Lil Kim! It looks like it hurts her to move. And her wardrobe?  She looks like a chubby kid that dressed as Nicki for Halloween. I’m just saying. She needs to retire on an island somewhere. she’s ridiculous. check out the video and leave comments.


Looks only get you so far

Im sure everyone has seen “bitches be like” pictures on either instagram or facebook. So R&B artist Rico Love decided to release his single “Be Like” everyone thought that he was going to make a mockery but instead he delivered a message. I love that song for several reasons. First, it is telling girls that looks aren’t everything. If you look good, but don’t have shit to show for it or any accomplishments, then you’re screwed.Because looks don’t get you very far. Sure you got your models, dancers, and video girls- but how long does that last? really? Secondly, He is trying to get a message out to women that not all men are shallow. Priorities out weigh pampering any day. Men don’t just want a girl with a fat ass and a good weave. There are several other reasons, but the last one I’m gonna touch on is how Rico takes a different approach-instead of dogging women, he shows them how their actions are effecting them and he also puts the truth out there. 

Sometimes as women it takes someone else calling us on our shit for us to get it together. We get caught up in ourselves, that we lose sense of reality. And because we are so hard-headed we wouldn’t dare accept this advice from another woman. But when a man calls us on our shit, it more effective, and we listen. Raw and real isn’t always easy, especially when you’re on the receiving end, but realize it’s out of love. And learn to appreciate that. 

GO check out the video “Be Like” Rico Love on youtube. 



Hey Beauties !

OMG so i know its been weeks since I informed you guys I got the NINJA, well I used it for the first time last night& this morning…OMG amazing! I love it. You don’t have to peel the oranges or cut the strawberries- just throw it all in there and its juices it perfectly! Last night my aunt and I blended: strawberries,kale,mangos,pineapples, bananas, and carrots. It was really gritty- but once you get past that it was really good. The kale is what caused it to be gritty, but kale is really great for you. Oh we did add water and a splash of orange juice. We needed to add that to thin it out. 

This morning I had the urge to be creative, so in mines i had : nectarines, carrots, watermelon, and a little bit of kale. i used the juice from the watermelon and water to thin it out. Now it was really good, and not as gritty because u used a little bit of kale. Then I made one for my aunt and it consisted of: strawberries, watermelon, peach flavored sparkling water (0calories), and carrots. It came out really good, a little texture from the strawberry seeds, but not much. 

Developing a healthier lifestyle is a lot easier when you are enjoying it. I had fun just cutting up the fruits and watching it blend together. I’m not good with giving exact recipies because I don’t use measurements- but I will provide a full list of ingredients. 🙂


Fresh kale (you can buy by the bundle or in a bag, either one is fine) *remember it gives it a really gritty, earthy taste so start out with a very small amount*

Carrots (doesn’t matter what size)


Strawberries (frozen or fresh is fine. I used frozen this time.)

Nectarines (fressh. i just cut them in big pieces and threw in the blender. I made the drinks today in the single serve cup, so I used half of one for each drink)

Watermelon (fresh. not pre cut.)

now the bananas,mangos,and pineapples were frozen. they came in a “smoothie starters” bag. you can find it in the frozen aisle of any grocery store. I do have fresh bananas and pineapple- but I just wanted to try the bag. 


Well I hope everyone is enjoying this relaxing Sunday. I will keep you guys posted, as I make more things with the NINJA 





Okay, so last night I wrote this letter to my mother. It was brutally honest, but disgustingly respectful. I did it because she it the type of person who doesnt listen. She is always right and is so quick to throw stones, when she lives in a glass house. Overall I just feel like its sad.. I used to never understand how people cut their parents off. But Life unpredictable, who knew I’d be walking away from our toxic relationship. I guess I’m tired of being mistreated, and talked about like I’m not shit – yet I was always there for her. I did a 5 page draft of the letter, but the more I think, the more I have to say to her. I’ll let you all know when I send it out, and if I get a reaction. 

Hope your day is going well.I’ll be posting more things as well, so stay tuned 



I hope everyone is having a great week! Well what’s new with me??. . . I moved to Texas! OMG this state is freaking huge! and I didnt realize how close to Mexico I am. For those of you that read the last blog, I had to move to start a new beginning, what killed me the most is not having my love by my side. . yet. We are both working to save money, to make sure we have our own. I know love and relationships are all about sacrifice, but DAMMIT! He’s the air I breathe, and I feel so incomplete without him. But its only temporary. 

&many of you may have your own opinion about long distance relationships, and that’s fine because opinions are formed through experience. So I can understand, but when you have a great foundation-many stones will be thrown-but it will never be broken.