Start of a New beginning

Hey Beauties!

again i have neglected you all! i’m sorry. My personal life has been spinning out of control. when you cant even find comfort inside of your own home-it makes living life hard. Your mind can never be clear and at ease. I typically don’t discuss the negativity in my personal life because I don’t want to be judged. Yet I’ve realized that by telling my story, I can help a lot of people who may be going through the same thing, but just don’t know it.

a quick synopsis….May 2011 i met the love of my life who is older and wiser than me. Aug 2011 I was made aware of my mother’s addiction from others, other than her. Oct 2011 i was betrayed by mother in one of the worst ways possible….

and here we are today,

if you know anything about addicts, all they care about is their habit. Family, Career, and even God doesn’t matter. So all the books and counselors say “don’t be upset, its their addiction” Its so easy for people to give advice on something they really know nothing about. They make addiction seem like a third world country! Yet those who are getting high, make a conscience decision to go out, fuck people over, and get high. and thats something my mother, who is an addict, told me. But she wants help though? No she just wants to buy time to keep her ass out of jail.

you know, she wasn’t always this way. I wasn’t raised in a drug infested household. My mother was a single parent and did it without the help of my father. She obtained her BA in Sociology and her Associates in Liberal Arts. But when he met her former husband, in 2009- she has been the person he has created, and not the woman I was raised with. I feel like the woman who raised me, died years ago. and now there’s this demon that has taken over her flesh.

I’m telling you all whats going on because I know I can help someone. Even if its only one person. But no one should have to deal with this blindly. I thank God for Darrin, who is my everything. He gave me knowledge even when i didn’t want it. He has been my support system,shoulder to cry on,and confidant. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t know where I would be. I refuse to let my family history serve as my crutch, instead I will use it to help and educate others, and a reminder of what our (Darrin&I) family will Not be.

I hope everyone has a great day, and even if it started off wrong (like mines) just smile, and say a prayer. Trust me it works.




NINJA! OMG I’m so excited


Hey Beauties!


Sorry for the delay…internet issues Anywho..I’m so excited to share with you all that I finally got the NINJA! Yes, the product with the #1 infomercial. I’ve been wanting to try juicing, just as another way to create a healthier lifestyle, and now I have it. I mean this thing is great! Its juices,makes drinks, chops up food, and you can even make dough. Pretty neat. Once I start getting the hang of this thing, I’m going to post videos, so that way you all can see. I know there are many versions of this, but I have the one that comes with the standard size blender and the two single serve cups (pic is above)…i believe there is a box bigger than mines with more pieces. I didn’t go crazy and buy over the phone, I actually got it at Walmart. So for those of you don’t want to pay shipping and have your product right away- Walmart has it.


This thing even comes with a recipe guide, to give you a few ideas and to also show how much you can do with this one product.




I hope you guys don’t get bored with all the health info. I just have seen that a lot of people start making healthier choices once they have an illness that gives them no other choice. So in the young community today, I want to show my generation that it’s not about being skinny, or wearing a size 2- its about living a better and healthier life without being on mandatory medication. 🙂


monday dramas


Ok so I know not everyone is into reality TV, but I am. And Love and Hip Hop Atlanta aired the first episode of season 3 on VH1 Monday night! There’s something about that season I love to watch..maybe its the characters who are fire crackers like me- Joseline. She speaks her mind and states how she feels, even when she’s hurt and I love it. Okay so a few comments on this season here, first off I have to touch on Mimi’s sex tape. Like she is too old to play dumb! I mean did she really believe that BS Nikko told her about “losing his luggage” F*&king serious? Yet right after he said that, he follows his statement with “Only thing to do now is capitalize on it”.  Mimi should have seen he was a snake before he bit her ass! Now look, she has her daughter to worry about and the possibility of Stevie J getting custody. I don’t understand, she’s an established woman with her own business, and this sex tape could tarnish what she worked so hard to build. If you ask me, from the pics I’ve seen from the tape, Nikko had every intention to make this tape viral. He’s all in the camera, like Ray J…. smh

            Then of course we have Scrappy, who is with Bambi…now if you watch VH1 a lot, you noticed that Bambi has been on a few shows. I feel like shes an opportunist. Last I could recall she liked women, but no judgment. Just looks like she doesn’t know what shes getting her self into dealing with Scrappy. Look how his mother is…&children do as they were taught. . .

            Another one who just makes me smh is Karlie Red, first off this chick has to be in her 40s, talking about “her career”. Babydoll, wake up! She should already have a 401k. But all she worries about is trying to keep up with these young girls. Then she is dating Young Joc? I swear this lady is still around for the entertainment, because there’s no way at her age she should be playing the role of  a groupie.


Of course I could touch on every character, but I’m sure as the season continues I will have more to say. If you missed the episode last night, you can catch the reruns or go to to watch the full episode. There’s also a special episode airing this Wednesday. Go check it out and feel free to leave 

No More Diets!

Hey beauties!Image

First I need to apologize for lack of consistency. I got so confused with this site, that I got a little flustered and decided to say screw it,but because writing is my passion, i had to figure it out! Okay.. so this blog is about DIETS! and i know everyone likes the sound of saying that they’re on one..yet we do not stick to it. For some, they can stick to it, but  majority of us…NO BUENO! 

What I have figured out, is no one likes the words: No & Can’t! So when we try to diet, we already have a negative approach because we have in our minds that we can’t have this… No we can’t have that… So what has helped me, is playing the game of substitution. When you gradually make healthier choices, it becomes a lifestyle and not some crash (temporary) diet. Before you know it, the weight will start coming off, healthier skin, you feel energized… i mean the list can go on. And please don’t think you can not go out to eat. Here’s the trick if you don’t want to order from the boring “low calorie” menu, order from the regular menu, but ask the waiter to have half of it boxed up, before bringing you your plate. You will be surprised how full you get, from what is brought to you. Portion control is a big thing, but once your body is adjusted, you’ll be fuller faster. 

p.s don’t forget water! you’ll be surprised how much liquid calories can put on weight. i’ll keep you all posted on all health tips, and a few recipes