inner beauty

inner beauty

ladies, i know I’m not the only one who feels like my insecurities speak to me daily. its so hard, in today’s world to appreciate you for you. constantly trying to contour our faces, mimicking what society perceives as beauty. This picture is to remind everyone (even me) that we are all beautiful. The image of “beauty” that is shown on TV- doesn’t exist. Be yourself. Love yourself &each other.



heyy guys and gals..

so i created this blog weeks ago, and im just now doing an intro! ughh thats soo rude. Well for starters Im far from typical, but just like most girls my age…young, lost, and self seeking. this blog is to share my views, thoughts, and opinions to the world! full of random thoughts, or even heart-felt moments- the life of being a woman-in todays word. I hope to learn new things from all the great bloggers, and i hope you all read my blogs. well here it goes… enjoy!